Doğukan Özpınar, who started his music career with a guitar at the age of 15, formed the experimental rock music band 'Komedya' and played with the band as a composer and guitar, vocal for 3 years. With the band dissolving at 2012, started producing electronic music as an amateur. In time, decided to go down this road and took the name 'Other MAN'. Considers electronic music as the music of 'thougts'. The multienstrumentalist ‘Other MAN’ whom has electro, idm, house, boogie, hiphop feelings in his music, is going through a never ending transformation. In the production of Other MAN, who is influenced by protest music trend and call himself as “protest electronic artist”, there are erratic and harmonious, greasy and unexpected figures. Published his first EP ‘New Brain' in 2012 and made an signed a contract with ‘NewSpeak Events’ the same year. Published his first album ‘Spiral Rock' in 2013 as indie. Also as a graphic designer he is making all his covers, grapics, identity and videos himself. Other MAN who was born in 1991 is studying audio engineering in SAE Istanbul and graphic design in University of Haliç with scholarship.

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