Nusaibin is Moguz's new live project with 4 artists on stage each playing different instruments. Moguz could easily be called a scientist when it comes to his interaction with electronic music. Although his childhood did not consist of piano lessons or vinyl collections, his fascination with marginal and highly talented artists like Thom Yorke and Guy Gerber led him to discover his abilities in mixing. moguz, or Murat as his friends and family call him, quickly perfected his signature sound, a genuinely interesting blend of moody and melodic deep house, electronica and techno. His experimental yet smooth approach using many different sources of samplings always leaves his audience captivated without even trying. Surely, moguz’s rise won’t be interrupted anytime soon, as he is about to get more and more visible through his ground-breaking collaborations with pretty unexpected names. A frequent host and a favorite at NewSpeak events, moguz’s name will be heard more and more in the upcoming days.

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