Murat Uncuoglu

One of the most experienced DJs in town, Murat Uncuo─člu began his career by DJing at private parties. His ever-increasing urge to become a professional DJ and producer, took Uncuoglu to London, what was then the heart of electronic music. He studied sound engineering and production at London's Media Productions. While there, he met several international producers including Marshall Jefferson & BAM BAM and worked as their engineer at various studios. It was not long after he was DJing at London's most exclusive parties and local clubs. Upon his return to Istanbul in 1994, he was recruited as the resident DJ at Club 2019, Istanbul's first and legendary underground club. Following, Uncuoglu has founded MiracleWorkz. In addition to his many efforts to introduce electronic music to Turkish listeners, he also remixed tons of tracks that belong to local artists in Istanbul. Currently, he runs the nightclub, indigo, which could be described as the heart of electronic music in Beyoglu, Istanbul.

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