Merve Bozdag

Born and raised in Istanbul, Merve Bozdağ found herself DJing and running from one gig to another, right fresh out out college. Music has always been her favorite thing since forever and to this day, everyday she wakes up with the same passion to discover new tracks and search for new sounds. Her greatest joy is to close her eyes as she layers incredibly complimentary sounds from one on top of another. Her first performance was also the first party that NewSpeak has ever thrown at Atlas Pasaji in 2013, and she continued tirelessly since then. 

Merve describes her music as intense, colorful and flowy. She mentions that her music is highly influenced by the ever-changing emotions felt during the ride, aka life. It is not surprising that her favorite city is London, a city with colorful sound and a nightlife of great vibes, but coated by the grey sky, just as the melancholia in her music. Merve also believes that the most important thing is to tell a different story every time she plays. Inspired by London's mystic aura and all emotions she ever felt, and shaped by an old indie rock/blues inclination, she keeps creating tracks, which are well ahead of their time.

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