Darius is an uprising French artist, known as an inaugural player of a recent House music movement taking its roots in France and quickly spreading around the world. Infused by the uplifting beat of Disco and Funk, Darius add a certain underground intricacy to his music, setting himself alongside his successful house compatriots. After his standard setting jewel 'Maliblue'Terrence N'Guyen was a key part in bringing Cherokee to the international scene.

No superhero but still as good without a sidekick, he is now garnering attention for his solo act. In 2013, Darius has played alongside industry big names such as Super DiscountBen PearceYuksek or Cyril Hahn to name a few. Either in his 'Velour' EP or in his remixes of follow DJs, as a duo or solo, in France or America, everybody wants to hear the distinctive Darius touch. In February he released his'Romance' EP that explores even further his beloved dreamlike aesthetics.


One of the most exciting young talents to emerge from France, DJ / producer Darius releases new single 'Helios', the title track from his forthcoming similarly titled EP out onRoche Musique this April 20th 2015.

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