Coskun Akmeric

Coşkun has been involved in electronic music as a DJ and producer since the mid 2000's. He spent many years traveling back and forth between Istanbul and London where he attended college and worked under the moniker Claus 9. In 2011, Coşkun and his childhood friend Cem Serter formed Gecko Chamber. Since then, the duo have been playing shows around Europe, sharing the stage with big names such as, Pan-Pot, Martin Buttrich, H.O.S.H., Frivolous, System of Survival, Hunter/Game, Danny Daze, Quenum, and Ralf Kollmann. The duo even managed to get 6000 people dancing at Rock'n Coke 2013 event in Istanbul. Coşkun now resides in Istanbul and he's still producing and performing with Cem in Gecko Chamber. He is also keeping up with his solo productions, which clearly reflect his interest in minimal dance music and raw and dubby techno sounds. Coşkun released tracks from labels like Low Brow Music and Houseworx, and joined the German label, Varied/Reduced. Backed up by many EDM artists, Chris Lattner, Kruse & Nürnberg and Amine Edge, he released his an EP "Knockdown" and certainly caused a stir amongst international music platforms.

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