Ah! Kosmos

Ah! Kosmos is Başak Günak born in Istanbul, she is doing a research of how the sound bounce off the walls and between bodies, follow to the realm of inorganic beings ; just like how planets and kosmos work.

Her debut EP “Flesh” is released by Muzik Hayvanı label in May 2013 and her debut LP “BASTARDS” will be released by Denovali Records in April 2015. She performed in Venice ElectroFestival, Rock’n Coke 2013,Budapest Punkurica Festival,Tokyo Electronic Music of Arts Festival, CitySonic Festival in Mons, Piknik Elektronik in Brussels and completed a tour in Italy in January 2014.

Recently she is invited as an applicant for Red Bull Music Academy 2014 which took place in Tokyo.

Other than live performances, she has made composition & sound design for contemporary dance, theaters, short-films and site-specific performances in several art spaces including Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Prague Signal Festival, 18th and 19th Istanbul International Theater Festival (IKSV), ARENA Theater Festival Nürnberg, Venice ElectroFestival.

Ah! Kosmos is performing solo or in “über live” form on stage with Emre Malikler on guitars, Gizem Aksu on live visuals.

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