Ah Gulnihal

 Without any exhibitionist attitudes or loud remarks, Ah Gülnihal strikes you when you first see, listen or meet her. She strikes you with originality, even more precisely with a mix of serenity and boldness. Her clashing modern retro looks and humorous style insinuates her unique musical manners. Born and raised in Izmir, a warm, sea-facing city in Western Turkey, Gülnihal spent most of her time listening to music and with a growing urge to share what she loved. Despite her mellow entrance into electronic music scene, playing nu disco/italo disco tunes at a cozy, local bar in Izmir, Gülnihal’s discovery was rapid and exciting. After perfecting her ear, taste and djing skills in London in the past year, she applied to Minipax Festival New Talent Competition and attracted some serious attention with her tech/deep house and melodic techno focused style. This petite blonde, looking like she jumped out of cool American Apparel ads, constantly sharing witty insights about pop culture and life in general, makes the most insanely addictive sets. In fact, her sets and creative approach are so versatile yet so powerful that her sounds are beyond time and place, and they’ll make you ask yourself, “How did she think of putting those sounds together? More importantly, why the hell did I just hear her?” Just like any other creative and promising new talent, Gülnihal wants to not just DJ but produce and build her own brand. Thus, she is moving to London again to study Music Production and Sound Engineering at Point Blank, a prestigious music school in London. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to her this summer at her cafe, where she manages and mixes simultaneously, well —too bad but don’t worry. She’ll be back soon, with exciting surprises.

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